Sample illustration from 'The Lion Who L
At the Zoo
Yggdrasil Campsite
Three's a Crowd
Mary Poppins Front Cover Design
Mary Poppins and Bert
'Mary Poppins Arrives' Doublespread
'The Bird Woman' Doublespread
Mary Poppins Polaroid
Bert Character Sketches - Holly Bushnell
Mary Poppins and the Pandemic - Characte
Goldilocks 1/3
Goldilocks 2/3
Goldilocks 3/3
The Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty/ Little Briar Rose
Scene from Snow White
Hocus Pocus Characters - The Sanderson S
Mirror, Mirror on the wall...
The Princess and the Pea
The Bard at Work
A Woodland Tea Party - Example Doublepag
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Character Development - Jacinta
Character Development - Emily
Character Development - Erik
Character Development - Zenya
Character Development - Lihua
Character Development - Mahi
Bottom Monster
Greta Thunberg
Jesus Enjoyed 1/4
Jesus Served 2/4
Jesus Nurtured 3/4
Jesus Hoped 4/4
Tiddles the Great Front Cover
Friends Forever - Bob and James
Ancient Egypt - Adventure Awaits Series
Dinosaurs - Adventure Awaits Series
Children of the Sea - Adventure Awaits
Rainforest - Adventure Awaits Series
Character Development - Alien Friends

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Character Development - Alien Friends